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     58. After my recent experience with Childs Hill Carpet Cleaners, I have no problems rating their cleaners as being amongst the best in the industry. I can't fathom that there'd be any team better!
Holly T19/05/2020
     I have had their cleaners do a variety of cleaning jobs for me, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, you name it. They do a fantastic job each and every time they come out. The finest team of people.
Iona Lewis19/09/2019
     Everything was easy and hassle free with this cleaning company. Cleaning Firm Childs Hill made my life a whole lot easier.
Russell F.27/04/2018
     After many months of neglect, my husband and I decided to have our spare room and our son's room cleaned from top to bottom. We lead busy lives so it was nice to call upon Carpet Cleaners Childs Hill. We were very pleased by the work done and we will keep them in mind if we should ever need another home cleaning service.
     This is the perfect option for anyone who has ever wondered about the best way to clean their home. I was stuck thinking I was going to struggle with all the chores when work got a lot busier. Instead, a friend told me about Childs Hill Carpet Cleaners Cleaning and I've not looked back since. They handle all of the mopping, dusting and that kind of thing. It's made such an impact on my schedule that even when things got a bit less hectic. It's a great price, so they're well worth the money. Fantastic value.
Wayne Peterson05/11/2015
     This company provides an excellent rug cleaning service and I felt as though I just had to write a review of their fantastic work. I hired ChildsHillCarpetCleaners based on their online recommendations and it was a brilliant choice for me! I have quite a few rugs in my home and the cleaner was able to get them all looking amazing in almost no time! The cleaner was very efficient and friendly too, which really helped as I was a bit nervous because I've never used a professional cleaning service before! I'd recommend them to anyone looking for professional rug cleaners - I had a great experience and you will too!
Diane T.08/07/2014
     I really was getting quite depressed with how messy my house was, but I didn't have the time for the thorough clean that it really needed on such a regular basis. I had a look into different cleaning companies and gave ChildsHillCarpetCleaners a call after seeing some great reviews. I didn't think I'd be impressed at all with such a cheap cleaning service, but I honestly wish I'd called them sooner! I don't think there's anything that these cleaning experts can't do. I'm made-up with this service and I tell all of my friends about it!
Laura K.18/12/2013

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